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Why High-Resolution CCTV Cameras?

2 Channel car black box, records in front of the vehicle and the vehicle interior simultaneously at 640 x 480 resolution

More Info Security Cameras, CCTV Planet Security Cameras Planet ICA HM136


£ 175.00 Inc.VAT
4 x Cameras + NVR+ 4 port PoE Switch   £1595 inc. VAT
Security Cameras, CCTV Installations

Single Channel car black box, records  at  2 Megapixel resolution. Recording both video and audio to a micro SD  card

TVS Blackbox 8HD More Info
£ 175.00 Inc. VAT
Blackbox NewB1 Images

4 HD Day/Night Cameras + 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

Blackbox B8HD Images

Cameras with higher resolution have more accurate detail in the image. With analogue cameras a recorded image usually has no more than 0.1 megapixels. A 3 megapixel camera records around 30 times more detail. It is possible to record larger image areas reducing the number of cameras and the costs.Full HD CCTV cameras provide a much sharper image than on traditional analogue systems. This can lead to a better conviction rate as the evidence is much clearer.IP CCTV Cameras convert all images to data and have no theoretical limit to the resolution. IP CCTV camera systems with HD CCTV cameras are ideal for mobile monitoring and can be used from your smartphone to monitor your property even when you are on holiday.

Great Value - 4 x ICA-HM316 Full HD CCTV Cameras plus NVR 420 Network Video Recorder plus 1 terabyte hard disk drive. Easy installation no need for mains electricity to the camera, powered over the network cable (PoE) IP66 waterproof protection makes this the perfect choice for outdoor surveillance from your UK HD CCTV supplier.

Images from Planet HD CCTV Cameras

Planet ICA-HM 136 £285

Planet ICA-HM316w £299

Planet ICA-HM3250V £299


Planet Dome CamerasProducts Planet Bullet Cameras Planet Bullet Cameras Images from Planet ICA-3250V

Before buying a CCTV system

Easy Installation

Planet high resolution IP cameras are easy to install, most cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet) which means that you only have to run one standard Cat 5e network cable to each camera . We can configure the NVR and set up the camera channels for you if required, or you can do it yourself using the easy to follow configuration instructions


Decide where to locate the PoE switch, this will be the central location where all of the other cables will  terminate.


Run individual network cables to the camera locations, also a network cable to the location of the NVR (Network Video Recorder) , and another one back to your network router.


Install the cameras and attach the network cable to the camera and plug the other end into the PoE switch


Plug a network cable in to the NVR and attach the other end of the cable to the switch or to a network port in your router.


Add a hard disk drive to the NVR, format the drive and add the cameras. (If required we can supply and install a hard disk and pre-configure the system for you. )


Configure motion detection settings and any port forwarding on your router to allow the cameras and NVR to be viewed over the internet

You Will Need

For a typical 4 camera installation you will need the following

* We can supply lengths of network cable terminated with RJ45 connectors at each end if required.

** We can supply and pre-install hard disk drives for the Planet NVR’s. We can also pre-configure the whole system for your IP range if required.

Click HERE to see Recorded images from HM3250V camera

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